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Commercial Services

Commercial Paint and High Performance Coatings

Commercial Painting

Molecular Coatings offers a wide range of commercial painting services ranging from new construction, tenant improvement, healthcare, core and shell, and industrial projects. See the full list of services below, or check out our project portfolio.

Did You Know?

We apply over 10,000 gallons of paint annually

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Gallons Used in 2023
Gallons Used in 2023
Gallons Used in 2023

Sealed Concrete

Water repellents for concrete floors

Masonry Sealer

Water repellents and graffiti guard for CMU, brick, and unit masonry.


Installation of vinyl wallcovering patterns and murals

Intumescent Coatings

Fire-proof industrial coating for fire protection

With Molecular Coatings, contractors can be assured that jobs will be completed by the specified due date 100% of the time. We pride ourselves on the highest level of professionalism, promptness and accountability that you expect on every job, every time.


Molecular Coatings, Inc. is bonded and fully insured on all commercial and residential projects