Welcome to Molecular Coatings Inc.

Molecular Coatings, Inc. was formed in 2003 by Bob Townsend and Guy Kelley. Together, we have over 34 years of experience serving the Northern Colorado painting industry.  We strive to bring back the professionalism that our industry lacks and achieve a higher standard in all phases of painting.  With these goals as our focus, the company has grown to be diversified in all aspects of painting and high-grade finishes. Whether it's a 7-story downtown loft, an industrial warehouse or a simple bedroom, we provide our customers with only the best skilled tradesmen to meet your higher standard.

Molecular Coatings, Inc. is a Member of the Better Business Bureau.


Custom Blending- Fort Collins, CO

Custom Blending is a manufacturing facility featuring 32,000 floor SF of precast and steel construction with a tex cote coating. 13,000 floor SF of epoxy floor coating and 11,000 floor SF of concrete sealing were completed during this 5-month long project.

Harmony One- Fort Collins, CO

Harmony One is a 5-story commercial office building located on the busy Harmony-Road Corridor. Both the interior and exterior were completed by Molecular Coatings, Inc. during the course of this 1-year project.